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Are you tired of pesky birds invading your balcony, creating a mess, and disturbing your peaceful moments? Fear not! We have the perfect solution for you – Anti-Bird Nets for balconies. With our free installation services, best prices, and top-quality products, you can create a bird-free zone in your balcony and enjoy the outdoors without any hassle.

Why Choose Anti-Bird Nets?

1. Bird-Free Zone: Our anti-bird nets create an effective barrier that prevents birds from entering your balcony, keeping it clean and hygienic.

2. Protects Your Property: Birds can cause extensive damage to your balcony furniture, plants, and belongings with their droppings and pecking. Installing anti-bird nets safeguards your property from such harm.

3. Child and Pet-Friendly: The nets are designed to be safe for children and pets, providing peace of mind for families with little ones.

4. Environmentally Friendly: Our anti-bird nets are made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring that your efforts to deter birds do not harm the environment.


Transform your balcony into a serene and bird-free oasis with our high-quality anti-bird nets. Enjoy the outdoors without any disturbances or mess caused by birds. With free installation services and the best prices available, there’s no reason to delay. Call us now at 8220510771 and create a peaceful haven on your balcony today!

Free Installation and Best Prices:

At our company, we understand the importance of providing a hassle-free experience for our customers. That’s why we offer free installation services, ensuring a seamless setup of the anti-bird nets in your balcony. Our team of experts will handle everything, leaving you with a bird-free sanctuary in no time.

Furthermore, we take pride in offering the best prices in the market without compromising on quality. You can rest assured that you are getting the most competitive deal while keeping those troublesome birds at bay.

Why Birds Can Be a Nuisance on Balconies:

1. Droppings: Bird droppings can be unsightly and difficult to clean, making your balcony look messy and uninviting.

2. Noise: Birds can create constant noise, disrupting your peaceful moments of relaxation.

3. Damage to Plants: Birds may peck at your plants, causing irreversible damage to your green space.

4. Unhygienic Conditions: Bird droppings can harbor bacteria and parasites, posing health risks to you and your family.


Professional Service 

  • Siri Bird Netting Chennai: Protect Your Property from Birds with Our Reliable Services
  • Book Now and Enjoy Hassle-Free Bird Netting Installation by Siri Bird Netting Chennai
  • Safeguard Your Home and Family with Effective Bird Netting Solutions from Siri Bird Netting Chennai
  • Experience the Convenience of Booking Online for Siri Bird Netting Chennai’s Expert Services
  • Don’t let birds disrupt your peace! Book Siri Bird Netting Chennai’s Services Today

Super-Quality Nets 

  • Siri Bird Netting: Super-Quality Nets for Your Protection
  • Nylon Nets, HDPE Nets, and Trasapernet Nets: Choose the Right Net for Your Needs
  • Keep Birds Out with Siri Bird Netting High-Quality Nets
  • Experience the Difference: Siri Bird Netting’s Superior Nets
  • Protect Your Property and Your Peace of Mind with Siri Bird Netting

Available For 27/4 Hours Services

  • Siri Bird Netting: Get 27/4 Hours of Professional Service
  • Siri Bird Netting: Enjoy 27/4 Hours of Expert Bird Netting
  • Siri Bird Netting: Experience 27/4 Hours of Hassle-Free Bird Removal
  • Siri Bird Netting: Protect Your Home with 27/4 Hours of Professional Bird Netting
  • Siri Bird Netting: Keep Your Property Bird-Free with 27/4 Hours of Expert Service

Frequently asked questions

What Is Bird Netting

  • Type of bird: Bird netting is more effective against some types of birds than others. For example, bird netting is very effective against pigeons, but it is not as effective against smaller birds, such as sparrows.
  • Mesh size: The mesh size of the netting is important. Smaller mesh sizes are more effective against smaller birds, while larger mesh sizes are more effective against larger birds.
  • Installation: Bird netting must be installed correctly to be effective. If the netting is not installed properly, birds may be able to get through the netting or damage the netting.

Is Bird Netting Effective?

  • Choose the right size mesh: The size of the mesh will determine which birds the netting will deter. Smaller mesh is needed for smaller birds, while larger mesh is needed for larger birds.
  • Install the netting correctly: The netting should be installed taut and securely. It should also be high enough to prevent birds from flying over it.
  • Check the netting regularly: The netting should be checked regularly for tears and holes. Any damage should be repaired immediately.

How Much Does Bird Netting Cost?

  • Bird Netting: A Cost-Effective Way to Protect Your Property
  • How Much Does Bird Netting Cost? A Comprehensive Guide
  • Keep Birds at Bay without Breaking the Bank: Affordable Bird Netting Options
  • Protect Your Fruit Trees and Garden from Birds: Bird Netting Prices and Considerations
  • Say Goodbye to Pesky Pigeons: Bird Netting Solutions for Every Budget
  • In the residential sector, it costs around 25 to 35 rupees per square foot. Depend on the scope of work to be checked. As in today’s high-rise buildings, we need to take all safety precautions while installing a bird net.

Why Bird Netting is Importantly ?

Bird netting is an important tool for protecting crops, property, and human health. It can be used to keep birds away from fruits, vegetables, and other plants, as well as to prevent them from nesting in buildings and other structures. Bird netting can also help to protect human health by preventing the spread of diseases that can be transmitted by birds.

Net Brands Garware Net and TUFF

Materials: HPDE Nylon Nets

Mesh Sizes: 25 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, and 50 mm

Thickness: 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm

Colors: White, Milky White, Green and Transparent Warranty : 3–8 Years

Netting for different types of Usages

Pigeon Net : 0.7–1.5 mm thickness, 50 mm Mesh Size

Balcony Safety Nets: 2.5 mm thickness, 25 mm Mesh Size

Staircase Safety Net: 2.5 mm thickness, 25–30 mm Mesh Size

Sports nets, 2.5 mm thickness, 30–40 mm Mesh size

J Hook Materials Stainless Steel (304 Grade)

Hole-shaped square

Breaking Strength: 23.8kg (220 kg) per yarn

Features: Lightweight, Durable, Easy Install, Strong, Weatherproof, and UV stable

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