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welcome to siri bird netting solution!

transparent net installed on your balcony

Protect your balcony or apartment from birds with our invisible bird netting solutions. Our transparent nets are virtually invisible to the eye, so you can enjoy your view without sacrificing protection. Call us at 8220510771 today for a free quote!

The best of both worlds; Refreshing green with scenic ocean views.

Affordable Pigeon Nets for Reliable Protection and Peace of Mind

Affordable Prices

“Protect your space with affordable pigeon nets! Keep your property clean and bird-free. Get durable and reliable solutions at unbeatable prices. Order now!”

Ontime & Any Time

“Pigeon nets: Protect your property and prevent pigeon infestations on time, every time. Trust our reliable pigeon net solutions for year-round effectiveness and peace of mind.”

A trained and Skilled Team

“Our highly trained and skilled team delivers exceptional results. With expertise across diverse fields, we excel in tackling complex challenges efficiently and innovatively.”

Free Inspection

“Discover peace of mind with our FREE inspection service! Let our experts assess your needs, identify issues, and provide tailored solutions. No obligations; book now!”

Our Services

Residential Bird Netting

Bird netting solutions for apartment balconies help keep pesky birds away, creating a clean and serene living space. These premium solutions protect your property from damage and create a pleasant environment for relaxation.

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Balcony Netting

 Efficiently protect your balcony with our professional Balcony Net Installation service. Get peace of mind while enjoying the view! balcony net installation services protect your balcony from pests, ensuring safety and enjoyment, while providing peace of mind and a beautiful view.

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Anti Bird Netting

Anti Bird Netting Solution in Chennai offers effective solutions to prevent birds from nesting and roosting in your apartment. Enjoy a hassle-free environment for your loved ones and enjoy the free installation of bird-net near your living space.

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Pigeon Net For Balcony

Pigeon Net Near Me offers a hassle-free installation service for your balcony, preventing nuisance pigeons and ensuring a clean, hygienic living space. Enjoy a seamless installation experience, free of cost, to protect your property from nesting pigeon drops and health issues.

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Safety Nets

Ensure safety in your apartment, building, or open area with high-quality safety nets. These nets provide protection against falls, ensuring a secure environment for everyone. Designed for open areas, these reliable nets are perfect for securing your building.

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Children Safety Nets

Children Safety Net Near prioritizes safety with durable, strong, and dependable nets for children’s balconies, windows, and stairs. These dependable nets shield factory spaces and ensure children’s safety in various settings.

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Monkey Safety Nets

Monkey Net near me offers an affordable solution to protect your balcony and surrounding areas from mischievous monkeys. Our strong and durable nets create a peaceful environment, ensuring your premises remain safe from damage.

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Duct Area Nets

Near the apartment, Duct Area Nets provide a safe and health-conscious solution for duct areas. These top-grade netting solutions prevent unwanted entry, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your apartment.

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Sports Net& Cricket Nets

Sports Nets, specifically designed for cricket enthusiasts, offer an exceptional cricketing experience on your terrace. These top-quality nets provide excellent durability, ensuring a thrilling game on your sports facility.
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Why Prevent Birds from Property?

Siri Bird Netting ChennaiGet the Best Netting Service Near You

Siri Bird Netting Your Trusted Partner for Bird Control in Chennai

Looking for the Best Bird Netting Service in Chennai?Look No Further Than Siri Bird Netting!

Protect Your Property from Birds with Siri Bird NettingWe Offer the Best Netting Services in Chennai

Siri Bird Netting: Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Bird Netting NeedsWe Offer the Best Netting Services in Chennai at Affordable Prices

Get a Free Quote for Bird Netting Services in Chennai Today!Call Siri Bird Netting Now!

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Customer Review

Good installation for balcony. Quality net and ropes . Affordable prices. Good workers. Good website for netting in Chennai. Thank you.

Jaggu SiripilliBalcony Safety Nets

The capability of the guy who done this work is unbelievably perfect. I highly recommend.

Chris JBPigeon Safety Nets

Bird Net Installed to my balcony. With High Protect Net .Reasonable Price Good Attitude.

Jai SrpAnti Bird Nets

Had a hassle free experience for balcony net fitting. Good quality net at market - reasonable price. The Installation team was professional and skilled.

Satyajit JenaChildren Safety Nets

Our Clients

Frequently asked questions

What Is Bird Netting?

Bird Netting has become one of priorities for new households now. To keep our residence free from birds droppings and to keep it near and clean everyone has to install it. It’s can be easily done with low and cost effective methods.

Is Bird Netting Effective?

Bird netting is very effective when it is installed by highly skilled technicians and effective as long lasting materials.

We have been providing out services to residential with maximum 5 years of of its effectiveness and warranty.

Why Bird Netting is Imporatant?

Installation of Anti bird net in our Balcony and windows is very important to keep it clean. Bird dropping causes many lung related diseases to humans, specially to children’s.

There is nothing working in to prevent them to enter our homes as they may created unhealthy conditions for us. We also provide Humane solutions which does not harm them.

How Long Does Bird Netting Last?

Bird netting solutions in residential and commercial sector last for around 8 to 9 years. If it’s done by fully skilled technicians with high quality materials.

Minimum 5 years of services warranty is provided to deal with any type of complaints regarding installation.

How Much Does Bird Netting Cost?

It cost nearly 30 to 35 rs per sq ft for residential sector. Depend on the scope of work to be checked. As in today’s high rise buildings we need to take care of all safety precautions while Installation of bird net.

If you consider 1 regular balcony size of 10 feet by 8 feet, then it cost you around Rs. 2100/- to 2300/- respectively.

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